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  1. Thanks Gazumped, but I don't think the missing text recognition has anything to do with that the jpg's comes from scannable. They are just jpg's like any other jpg. But it seems to me as if Evernote cannot recognize text in these jpg's - at least what I have tried so far. BTW, still no searchable text now 12 hours after the scans were put on Evernotes servers. Has anyone had any luck with text recognition with jpg's from scannable? The multipage scans I have seen, and automatically saved as pdf's by Scannable, are indeed searchable (my account is premium).
  2. I'm a bit surprised that I was not able to find any texts when trying to search a number of notes originating from an iPhone via the scannable app. The scans are absolutely perfect in comparison with what a normal photo gives, but the whole idea goes into the drain if the notes are not searchable. Can this be due to delays on Evernote servers? The scans have been on the server for more than 4 hours now.
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