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  1. Well, I cannot remember that I had rotated this image ever (within Evernote). I copped it but no rotated. Actually, I have been able to edit and save this annotated image (in Windows Evernote Client) until I had restored this note from history (I needed to "go back"). Well I have no idea where is the problem. I will try to edit and save that note at home (on Mac) if it is a problem only on Windows client or not.
  2. Hi, I have the same problem with annotation in Slovak language. If I try to save annotated image on my Evernote Windows client, I get the message "Sorry! The changes could not be saved... ". It is quite annoying because it works my iPad and when I need to modify the note on my PC, it doesn't. I am not sure but it looks to me like a bug in the Evernote client. Moreover, if I annotate an image on my iPad (in Slovak language) it looks fine until I open this note on my Evernote Windows client - there is a problem with accent characters within the annotation.
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