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  1. +1 Have you had any reply on this issue? It is a big step backwards, impacting my ability to review notes easily.
  2. This happened to me in late December and again on Sunday. I have several notes that are full of items like "�EN_ATTACHMENT�" and no clips, as below. I am a premium account holder and there is no "HISTORY" on my notes like there used to be.... Kiro �EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT� �EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT� Bing �EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT� Any help? Can Dave Z and Cobi T get back in touch with me to help resolve?
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