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  1. Thanks, I did already - that was the point. Yes, I had 4 devices but I was only logged into 2. One of the others I hadn't even been on in months. From my experience, it seems the "2-device login" is indeed being handled as a "2-device limit".
  2. It seems there might be a change in interpretation. I just got an email intending to clarify the "it's ok to switch devices" policy stating: "Take it two at a time — Feel free to install Evernote on as many devices as you like. If you’re on a Basic account, you can log in from up to two devices at a time. Need to switch devices? Just log out from one and log in on the other." However, this is a misrepresentation of what recently happened to me. I logged onto my Basic account - sometime yesterday, I believe - and got a notice that if I didn't immediately REMOVE Evernote from the
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