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  1. Thanks, I did already - that was the point. Yes, I had 4 devices but I was only logged into 2. One of the others I hadn't even been on in months. From my experience, it seems the "2-device login" is indeed being handled as a "2-device limit".
  2. It seems there might be a change in interpretation. I just got an email intending to clarify the "it's ok to switch devices" policy stating: "Take it two at a time — Feel free to install Evernote on as many devices as you like. If you’re on a Basic account, you can log in from up to two devices at a time. Need to switch devices? Just log out from one and log in on the other." However, this is a misrepresentation of what recently happened to me. I logged onto my Basic account - sometime yesterday, I believe - and got a notice that if I didn't immediately REMOVE Evernote from the other (more than 2) devices, my account would be closed. No mention at all of signing out. At the time I was on my computer (device 1) and my phone (device 2). My tablet was not turned on. The 4th device was my (same) computer which had been reformatted so that "device" hadn't been accessed in months. It seems the new policy in practice isn't fitting the stated policy.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue with the shortcuts not working in my (installed today so up-to-date) web clipper. I see that they are enabled but ' doesn't open the clipper and when I open it via the extension icon, some of the shortcuts work, others don't -- the S shortcut for the selection tool doesn't do anything. C crops but highlights and that's a bit sporadic. Ctrl+Z doesn't do anything. Also the highlighter seems to be permanently on but Ctrl+Alt+I will not toggle out of it and therefore any attempt to select text is saved as highlighted. Found similar problem here, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51833-keyboard-shortcuts-not-working/ with same system (windows7 64-bit) but no solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Toni
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