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  1. Evernope

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    Adding my voice to those of hundreds of Mac users who've been saying on here for the last 5 years that not having find and replace is a really frustrating omission. I admire people who are writing and implementing scripts to do this but it absolutely shouldn't be necessary. My personal workround is to scoop out content into TextWrangler, edit it and then paste it back in to EN. Again, shouldn't be necessary. Find and Replace on multiple notes would be a godsend on the occasions it's needed (in my case not often, but this is one of those times just now). If Dreamweaver can do it, surely EN can.
  2. Evernope

    Updated to High Sierra, Evernote does not open

    This worked for me. If you have Evernote in your taskbar it should work for you too.
  3. I use a template for note-making that involves making lists within a table cell. Until recently, nesting lists by indenting list items was not a problem: Hit tab, list item is indented. During the last couple of weeks, this doesn't work any more: tab moves the cursor to the next table cell. Anyone else seeing this problem and/or have any ideas to fix it? Thanks.
  4. Noticed this issue a couple of weeks back. As with others, gets worse the longer the app is open. I use a table-based template for a lot of my notes and it's especially bad with that, tonight it just got unusable. I'm a premium user, rely on Evernote, please fix this.