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  1. I never used 'share to Evernote' very much, but when I did it was convenient that it was there, along with 'share to notes', 'share to OneNote' etc. That it isn't there any longer is just another minor irritation of which there are too many with EN. No, I don't want a workaround, I want the software I pay money to use to integrate with my OS so I'm not constantly breaking my workflow to figure out what's wrong this time.
  2. Incredibly frustrating that after taking so long to restore audio recording Evernote have screwed it up so badly. webm Seriously? A format that neither ios nor macos has a native application for? wtaf.
  3. I've started moving the audio files into OneNote. I have a free account through my university.The audio player is better than the old one in Evernote and has better functionality in general. I'm a premium subscriber because for over decade I've lumped everything into EN and I tell myself it'll be a massive chore to move it all. I'm starting to think it might not be so bad and I wouldn't miss 95% of it if I never saw it again anyways. Pretty fed up just now. Hope the new improved audio functionality matches OneNote's.
  4. I used voice recordings extensively as part of my doctoral studies. Thankfully the actual research data was kept securely in a different app, but my own voice memos during the process are in evernote "for convenience". I had to take a break from my research due to bereavement and when I came back, I find that if I want to listen to the recordings I have to download them and listen to them in the Music App, where they are most unwelcome addition to my library. Sure, I can download them and open them in another app but it's frustrating. I used to be able to play the audio files and comment on them right in the app, right in the same note. What kind of application takes away functionality this valuable without consulting its users? This kind of thing that makes me feel less like a valued customer and more like a hostage.
  5. This fixed the issue for me to. Thanks. Concerning that this bug has gone unfixed for so long though.
  6. Same thing for me using Sierra and Skitch Version 2.8.2 (264830). Drag and drop only works to desktop. Cannot drag to a finder window or any app other than Evernote.
  7. Adding my voice to those of hundreds of Mac users who've been saying on here for the last 5 years that not having find and replace is a really frustrating omission. I admire people who are writing and implementing scripts to do this but it absolutely shouldn't be necessary. My personal workround is to scoop out content into TextWrangler, edit it and then paste it back in to EN. Again, shouldn't be necessary. Find and Replace on multiple notes would be a godsend on the occasions it's needed (in my case not often, but this is one of those times just now). If Dreamweaver can do it, surely EN can.
  8. This worked for me. If you have Evernote in your taskbar it should work for you too.
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