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  1. GrumpyMonkey, you are correct - I see a Notebook as a folder, not a notebook with notes. I'm going to experiment with my viewing Notebooks as notebooks. Thanks
  2. Thank you, BurgersNFries, for your reply. Hmmmm - I guess the takeway from this is if one doesn't like it "move on". That's reasonable, and also food for thought. Thanks
  3. I find this conversation difficult to follow with all the argument and insults, which are unnecessary. Be civil folks, we are not in a competition here for who is the best or knows best. I know that I like Notebooks with subfolders, and tags are fine but come last for me, not first. I am requesting Evernote people to consider my request, that's all. Others have made the same request. I don't think doing so is going to interfere with others' preference, nor would I want to interfere with others' preference. This is to answer to the question from Evernote Plant asking how I organize bo
  4. Thanks to someone called Fire who posted in August 2013, I have finally been able to sort my stuff into Notebooks with sub categories, but what an awful merry go around it is? I have read all the postings here and I don't know what the heck everyone is talking about with the way different brains work etc. and hierarchical systems etc. All I know is that this Evernote had the most confusing system to find anything that I have ever come across. If I am missing something, then I am all ears to be enlightened. Evernote is nice and I love the snipping tool and the way I can clip interesting ite
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