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  1. I have the problem that I'm constantly doing screen sharing and taking notes for clients. When it opens to my All Notes list and the second note (in a Personal folder I'd love to have PW protected) shows the 3rd title title down the list as something like "Cancer Test Results," I really don't want the person viewing my screen to notice that. Of course I lock my computer and I lock my phone, but it's all the collaboration work I do that is causing me stress here. Or another example, let's say I'm working with two competing companies. I don't want them to see a recent note headline about their competitor when I open Evernote. Evernote simply doesn't work well in a world where collaboration AND confidentiality are both important. That's a shame because if it had this one feature, it would be a killer app. I guess some attorney will have to find a loophole from which they can sue Evernote for being grossly negligent when it comes to security. It would be a shame to see it come to that. But I'm guessing one day, it will. In theory, the lack of this feature could help facilitate criminal activity. It's a great cover for "plausible deniability." Imagine a person leaking insider trading info just happening to have a note headline about the inside information in All Notes, and then doing screen sharing to take notes with whomever they're talking to who wanted to know that info. Of course they could reasonably say they had no intent to share the info. And since Evernote doesn't allow note-level protection, they're innocent by way of plausible deniability. Hmmm. Maybe Evernote should keep it the way it is currently. I'm sure some criminals would be upset if it changed.
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