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  1. 5.8.something. Yes it does sync.
  2. Hi, Which WINE version are you using? I'm currently using an older Evernote version without problems (mainly for text notes, tho). The security issue post mentioned "versions 6.4–6.7." so maybe you can try to downgrade? See: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=2566
  3. Use the specific EN version mentioned in the first post.
  4. Regarding new NixNote 2 version: Thank you for the info on NixNote 2. Could you check the aforementioned problems in my #11 comment, please? Regarding WINE: I ran into two problems (Please, confirm them!): ALT+letter menubar hotkeys does not work properly. Pressing ALT will jump to the menubar, however I can't use neither the underlined letters, nor the arrows keys. Using a docking station with a larger screen resolution monitor messes up the display in EN under WINE. The area outside the boundaries of the smaller screen do not refresh.These are annoying, especially #1. So I find the Platinum score on WINE HQ an exaggeration.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I have done it, however explorer.exe still sitting in my systray (after quitting and restarting EN, and making sure tray icon disappeared). I'm going to test for the CPU hugging, it has occured again today (before disabling auto sync), although not after waking from suspend but during the day. I suspected sync as the troublemaker.
  6. This did not work for me. Also EN hugged all cores 100% this morning after waking from a suspend to RAM.
  7. Thanks for the update guys! I tried these and EN finally works for me (Kubuntu LTS, Wine 1.7, Evernote 5.8.13 GA). There are some minor hickups (like an occasional mouse lag), but I can live with those.
  8. I'm not sure I understood all the problems you described with Nixnote 2. I know it's a beta, and crashes from time to time, but: My installation shows all links in note text, and the note link is shown when you click the small down arrow at the top right of the note metadata (right by the notebook);There is a "Copy" option on the "Edit" menu, and if you right-click on a note on the note list, you can duplicate or delete it. There's a "delete" button on the toolbar as well;Can't say much about the other issues you raised. As for Evernote, you seem to have tried every trick I had in my book. This was the point when I decided to give nixnote a try. Truth be told, I tend to create stuff from the web interface, and use nixnote to access if offline, mostly. Copy: I use(d) EN to manage my ToDo lists. I have templates for repetitive task, so I need an easy copy function which keeps the tags - this exists in the Win client where I can select multiple notes and copy them to a given notebook. The workaround with the duplicate function can work, however it is very frustrating especially with multiple notes (I have to search for each duplicated note and move them to a different notebook one-by-one). The Edit/Copy only copies selected text, not a note with tags. Shortcuts: Shortcuts is a feature where you can "bookmark" some notes and they appear in the Shortcuts section (at least on Windows and Android). I usually edit notes in a desktop often while offline (so the web client is not an option), and access them in a smartphone - so I put important todos to Shortcuts for fast and easy access. Delete: As I understand deleting can't be done in a 3rd party client for safety reasons.
  9. I'm currently testing solutions for Evernote on Linux. So far every method has serious flaws. NixNote 2: - Does not display Shorcuts - Can't copy a note - Can't delete a note - Window shading/unshading display error - Sorting by Reminders from earliest to latest shows every note that does not have a reminder before any note that has a reminder - Sorting by Reminders shows the notes that has been completed - a running NixNote cancels Shutdown/Restart - last update 2014-05-05 Wine - Copy note crashes - Context search appearance seriously messes up display affecting the note even if it gets opened in a new window (part of the note disappears and can't be edited) - Notebook stacks do not work properly. For every Notebook in a stack it displays a new NotebookstackName/NotebookName. Also - Lag in performance/responsiveness
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