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  1. The new beta experience is sub par. In fact, it's worse off. It feels like you made a good product look pretty just because you could. The functionality is less efficient, navigating around my notes/notebooks feels cumbersome, and generally I agree that less is more, but it seems like you went too far with going "less". On that note, I want to make a comment about the experience of trying to use tables. It's very hindering that we cannot edit the tables after they are created. The auto-sizing of the columns is downright horrendous. For example, I use Size-Up on my Mac, and resizing the window smaller makes the table smaller, fine. However, making the window take up the full screen again does not put the table width back to 100%, as it was before. I read somewhere that Evernote doesn't want to take over, or compete (or whatever), with more robust note taking software. But let's be real, I would bet that there are a lot of people that want Evernote to do just that. Why hold back on features that are very helpful (damn near essential) for people that want to use your product? I will admit, however, that the aesthetic look/feel of the beta is nice. But the functionality went completely the wrong way. I'd rather have something that works well, than looks nice. Overall, I don't understand why Evernote is holding itself back.
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