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  1. Dear Charboyd, Thanks for your attempt to assist but unfortunately none of what you are suggesting works which is extremely frustrating. My backup codes are not working - I have tried them over and and over they dont' work anymore. Maybe they were only valid once and I somehow used them up, but they don't work. I tried clearing cooked and cache as you suggested but the support page still locks up when I try to submit a ticket. I've tried this on Safari and Chrome. I just need to get a hold of someone !!! I've spent at least 4-5 hours of time trying to figure this out. Why can't you just charge people for these situations - I'd gladly pay to get this fixed. HELPPPPPPP !!!!!!
  2. I am very frustrated that I have not been able to access the chat support function to reset 2-step verification. I have had to create a new login just to post here because I can't do so under my correct username since it won't let me login because of this problem. I don't have access to the phone I used for the verification codes as I don't live in that country anymore. The backup codes must already have been used up. It states that I will have access to Live Chat as a Premium member and so I have upgraded. However, the support page locks up with a swirling icon when I try to Submit Ticket for this issue. The Live Chat function has the same effect and no chat window opens. Please help me get a hold of someone to reset my access. I would gladly pay for such a service but one can't get a hold of anybody by any means at all.
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