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  1. Thanks for replying. I don't know if that really helps, but here you go :-) showing a hilarious search for "lamp" (any other word also results in the same) which pops up random notes.
  2. I just have this problem now on web and mobile versions. Search indices are gone? I do not find any note with a simple word in them (no attachments or with attachments), just getting all notes. This makes Evernote (which I pay) rather useless by now....
  3. +1 from me. This seems to be a nearly undoable feature in current Evernote software. Maybe there is a bigger architectural issue? That's the only explanation I can imagine for the Evernote team not reacting on this. That they are not reacting at all indeed is a bit strange...
  4. +1 on this. Sorry for users to be persistent about this, but I think everyone does sooner or later miss this feature in evernote (for example if small embedded images should be seen better)
  5. It's the same with the search function, which is cool as it searches through inline pdf's, BUT it doesn't show you any highlights or hints, on which page you find the highlighted items, so you have to turn from page to page until you see the yello signs. You better don't have bigger PDF's on Evernote until this is a bit more comfortable. But thanks anyway for the already great app :-)
  6. Hi there I searched the keyboard shortcuts but did not find any for the inline PDF viewer (Evernote for Windows). imo it would be pretty useful to have something like CTRL+left and CTRL+right to turn pages instead of always having to use the mouse. Maybe I overseen it? I know I could always open the external PDF viewer by a click, but I really like to have it inline, because I'm very lazy efficient :-) Thanks for your help Chris
  7. This still is an issue, iPhone 4s Evernote app crashes always when using document mode camera. As it seems for over a year now, no fun in fixing old bugs, eh? ;-)
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