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  1. I don't know if you work for evernote or not but let me tell you something about customers. I own a business and when a customer has a suggestion, especially when several of them have one I at least listen to them. If I have a word document or exel file I can lock them. I understand all the things you are saying I can do but they are not what I choose to do for my own reasons. I'm just saying I would like the option to lock a notebook. If that's not possible then that's just the way it is. I do like Evernote, I've used it for several years and subscribe to the premium. I use it quite a lot to make notes on potential jobs before I go back to the office and make out a quote.
  2. I would also support lockable notebooks. I keep a lot of notes on different jobs which isn't part of the problem but I am on our school board and like to keep my notes from our meetings in evernote. Some of these notes would be better not read by my children and employees who use my computer from time to time. The problem is I have evernote running on my computer which is handy but also anybody who happens by my desk can open it up and read it.
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