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  1. I'm gonna post a similar experience I had which I found a fix for which, while not directly related to Evernote, may still help indirectly because the dynamics are similar. My problem was the same as you guys except it was happening in my browser (Firefox). Other people were complaining online as well: vertical scroll set to (let's say) 3 lines in Control Panel, yet would scroll 6 lines… or 15… or wtv… in Firefox. And the support staff at Mozilla wasn't hitting the nail on the head in terms of their assistance to others, but reading through the replies did manage to help me by giving me the right area within Firefox's configuration settings in which to experiment. For those who don't use it, one can type about:config up in Firefox's address bar (where the URL usually appears) and one will be presented with a veritable onslaught of settings… hundreds and hundreds. Long story a bit shorter, I managed to fix my problem simply by changing one key value—a Boolean—from true to false. In Firefox the exact setting was this: mousewheel.system_scroll_override_on_root_content.enabled default  boolean true …which once changed looked like this: mousewheel.system_scroll_override_on_root_content.enabled user set  boolean false Look at the name of that setting: it's basically a saying "under such and such conditions, should Firefox override the system-wide setting the user has for his mouse's scroll wheel?" I wasn't sure what was meant by "root content", but no matter—I changed it false. I was basically telling the app "no, don't override that setting under any conditions". And it worked: setting vertical scroll to 3 in Control Panel now really meant 3 in Firefox, not 6 or 15 or anything else (how Firefox would know what to change it to, i.e. how much to alter the system wide value when the above is left at true, would undoubtedly be specified in one or more other variables within about:config). In Firefox, most users know they have Options under the Tools menu, but not every user (in fact it's the minority of users) knows he has access to hundreds of other settings which can be accessed by typing about:config in the address bar, and, most importantly, not every member of Mozilla's help staff knows every single one of those settings inside out. That said… I don't know Evernote, and don't know what settings you have access to, or if the developers of that app made it possible to access more advanced settings… but if they are there somewhere, I'm willing to bet the problem you guys are facing can be fixed through them, either by experimenting with them yourselves or, if that's not feasible, with the aid of a company rep who knows his stuff. Hope this helps, even if only a little bit. Maybe serve as inspiration.
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