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  1. Thanks Terry. That is what i was assuming. I was just confused as to why it only appears in the Mac App and not in the browser. Thanks for clarification. Thanks to gazumped and phils as well.
  2. Thanks for your reply. No, i've never head of Zoho before. No Application is allowed to access my account either. The weird thing is that the Vault User never appears in the Web version of Evernote. Only in the Mac App it is show as pictured above. Support told me that that is expected behavior and all Business notes will be automatically shared with the Vault Account. "This is sort of a backup if the Author of the note is deleted at a later point or changes his name." (These are the words of the Evernote support). To my question why i've never seen the Vault User before they said it might be related to the 6.0.6 Update since they "did a lot of changes".... If this is true other Users using the Mac App 6.0.6 and a Evernote Business Account should see the Vault User as well. Can anybody confirm or deny that?
  3. Hi everybody, We use Evernote Business on the Mac with the Client Version 6.0.6 Since about two weeks we are experiencing a irritating issue. Everytime I (or anybody else) creates a new Note it is automatically and instantly shared with a external User named "Vault Account". Take the new Notebook i created just a few Minutes ago for example. This Notebook is shared with my coworker Andreas. If i create a new note within this Notebook it shows that it is shared with Andreas as well as the external Vault User. However the Vault User never appears anywhere else in the sharing settings. If i check the Notbook sharing settings only Andreas is the only other Person listed. Is this normal behavior? The Vault User appears in all of my Notes no matter if they are shared or not. Meaning even if i just create a note in my personal Notebook which isn't shared the Vault user appears immediately. Any help is much appreciated.
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