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  1. The only thing that works well when moving elements is the second case you described: when you select only one element of a list. But if you peek what's inside the clipboard, you will see no list-related html tags (elements like <li>,<ul>,<ol>). It's just copying the text, and it has nothing to do with lists. Lists break when you copy/move multiple elements or element with sublist. Or when you paste web content which happen to contain some list-related html tags. Or when you try to fix indentation for a multi-level list for a saved note: ----->
  2. Jackolicious, any comment on the issue? Do you acknowledge it? Is the Evernote Team working on the issue? I've created support ticket 10 days ago (#956397) and got only an automated response.
  3. Windows client issue: Try reordering the list using copy and paste: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81509-is-there-any-way-to-reorder-bulleted-or-ordered-list-using-windows-client-without-messing-up-the-list/ Web client issue: Create a simple list: Try reordering the items. Example: move "D" to the place between "A" and "B". To do so, select from "after C" to "after D" and drag/drop or copy/paste the selection to "after A". Result: iOS client issue: Create a simple list of five elements like the one in the web client issue: Try reordering the items. Example: move "C" and "D" between "A" and "B". To do so, select from "before C" to "after D" (selection from "after B" is not possible), cut the selection, make a new line after A, paste. Result: Additional note: The second bullet is not selectable, you can not enter any text there. ---------------------- The issues I mentioned regard simple lists. I used to work with 3-4 level lists in WorkFlowy and OneNote. Trying to do manage such lists in Evernote is not a pleasant experience, to put it mildly. Not to mention pasting web content.
  4. After several years bulleted lists are still terribly broken (as well as ordered lists). Evernote Team, I don't know what you mean by "this is our priority", I await some explanation regarding why it is so hard to fix basic note taking feature for your flagship product. Maybe you should really consider that comment?
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