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  1. Ok, thanks, that's how I ended up with the Store version. I had to clean install windows 10 and reinstall all my software so I couldn't use the update function.
  2. Yep, that's what happened I guess. No clue how I ended up with the Windows Store version but on the other hand I would expect the versions to be the same. Seems to be not the case Thanks again guys!
  3. Thanks for the help but the open file location just wasn't there. I also did a search on my entire C drive and no evernote.exe was found. Curious. I uninstalled and installed again and now it's in the program folder. I have no clue what was the case but it's ok now
  4. It's not in de C:\Program Files folder. If I right-click in start menu I don't get the option "Open file location". That's the weird thing. I just can' find it but it starts up.
  5. Hi, I want to use a function key on my keyboard to start up Evernote. The issue is I can't find the evernote.exe. Where is it located or do I need to use another *.exe file to start up? Thanks!
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