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  1. Please Evernote make this happen. It's notes that I'm taking obviously I want to paste it in the format I have for the rest of my notebook!
  2. I tried changing the setting for the note panel and still had the same problem. I just submitted a ticket; hopefully they can help.
  3. JMichael - Are you refering to the shortcut using "Ctrl + Alt + N" to open a new note? If so I get the same result, new note opens behind all the other windows. That was my first attempt to solve the problem. Thanks though!
  4. Hi - I did a couple searches, and found nothing about anyone else having this problem. I have Evernote setup so that the note panel is not viewed in the primary window. Every time I create a new note it opens in the background of every other window that I have open. Any suggestions to solve this? Much appreciated.
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