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  1. Apparently, as this whole thread points out, the other time you need "simplify formatting" is if you want to email a note that happens to contain a bulleted list. I wouldn't think of a bulleted list as "complicated" but apparently it is. It would be great if the dialog that comes up to email a note had a checkbox or something so you could simplify the formatting in the process of sending the email. Emailing a note and having it look decent in the email application would make a number of folks pretty happy as this thread can attest. If "simplify formatting" can accomplish that, can we somehow include "simplify formatting" into the email process? thanks
  2. Is there a way to have "simply formatting" happen or be set as a default or does it have to be selected every time you want to email a note?
  3. Just did some testing that looked promising within Evernote itself. However, the one place it sill breaks down is if you share your note via email. When you open it up in Outlook, bullets look goofy. Extra bullets appear in lists for no apparent reason. Drives me insane! In Evernote it looks like this: This is a formatting test.Will bullets work the way I expect them to work?I wonder how they will work In Outlook it looks like this: This is a formatting test. Will bullets work the way I expect them to work? I wonder how they will work
  4. I agree with posts that this is a major pain. Keeping meeting notes in Evernote is great, sharing them is painful for the reasons stated in this discussion. This issue is hands down the most dissapointing thing in Evernote for me.
  5. Someone captures notes in OneNote and shares them, they look good. Someone captures notes in Evernote and shares them, there's a good chance they look bad. I think the syncing, security, and data integrity are already pretty good and reasons why I'd prefer to use Evernote. Editing - not so much and a reason why I consider moving away from Evernote. If the content I create is going to look bad (and many share this experience based on what I find with a quick Google search) then OneNote wins. I don't need much - clean bulleted lists that don't have random spaces, tables that can be easily worked with, ability to copy and paste without weird behavior, etc. I would even give up on tables if the rest worked in a consistent and clean fashion.
  6. I agree with all comments made here. What's more, the text editing weirdness actually prevents potential new customers from looking further into Evernote. I have been a disciple for a while and I usually capture meeting notes in Evernote. It is embarrasing whenver I distribute the meeting notes, project them in front of an audience, or share them on a WebEx. Someone sees me struggling with it, they aren't likely to adopt the tool. The presentation mode seems to suggest that Evernote wants you to show off the content you have in Evernote, but I'm not sure I want to show off something that looks bad because the editor is so problematic. The idea that you shouldn't create content in Evernote is so bizzare. For me, the usefulness of Evernote goes down dramatically if you give up on the note taking aspect. I cannot imagine a higher priority area for Evernote to work on.
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