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  1. Apparently, as this whole thread points out, the other time you need "simplify formatting" is if you want to email a note that happens to contain a bulleted list. I wouldn't think of a bulleted list as "complicated" but apparently it is. It would be great if the dialog that comes up to email a note had a checkbox or something so you could simplify the formatting in the process of sending the email. Emailing a note and having it look decent in the email application would make a number of folks pretty happy as this thread can attest. If "simplify formatting" can accomplish that, can we s
  2. Is there a way to have "simply formatting" happen or be set as a default or does it have to be selected every time you want to email a note?
  3. I agree with posts that this is a major pain. Keeping meeting notes in Evernote is great, sharing them is painful for the reasons stated in this discussion. This issue is hands down the most dissapointing thing in Evernote for me.
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