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  1. Hi gock, Until you introduce the new features in a new big release can you please just add this small improvement for document management. It would be nice to be able to sort the notes alphabetically, so that if I follow a naming convention I can easily find one. This would temporarily help users to organise/categorise their notes until proper document management is introduced. Thanks, jaydb
  2. Hey Gock, I think until the next big release you could implement a small feature, that would help people "manage" their documents. It would be good if I could sort the list of documents alphabetically or by time. So if I name my documents in a certan manner, then it is almost like "having" them grouped by notebooks. Many thanks again
  3. Hey gock! Your app is fantastic... Thanks for all your hard work. I am getting close to the end of my trial period and I think I will go for the Pro subscription. However I have a few suggestions that may come in handy for users, who will have a lot of notes created from your app. It would be nice if the notes in the left sidebar were organised in a tree-style structure, grouped together if in the same notebook (Best would be if the user could expand/hide notebooks' notes) Another would be to be able to pin the sidebar on the left to make it easier to switch between notes. If you decide to implement this feature I would also suggest to make the sidebar resizeable.
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