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  1. This is pretty much exactly what I want, a plain-text note that doesn't do anything with what I type into it. In fact, the solution I currently use for notes (nvALT, a fork of Notational Velocity) is what I would describe as "Markdown-aware." It doesn't render Markdown, and I don't want it to. It only does very simple things to help, like when I am typing a list, it automatically starts the next line at the same indent level with the same list delimiter (* or -). Most of what I type in Markdown actually stays in Markdown and never gets converted. I have apps that render MD really nicely when I need it. Evernote shouldn't do this, as it's actually surprisingly difficult to do well. The problem with the current implementation is that I actually *can't* write markdown in it, even if I want to settle for a somewhat hacky solution. I would be satisfied if I could simply turn off the Markdown-style typing shortcuts.
  2. Why use it? Portability. I would also add that one of the main features of Markdown is that it is very readable *without* any kind of rendering. (See what I did there?) To the final question, with the current implementation, I actually *can't* write Markdown in Evernote because it immediately replaces my MD with rich text. Why do I want EN to support MD? It's simple: I want all my thoughts in one place. Right now, I have articles and images in Evernote, but I have to keep all my notes in Markdown in another application that supports it. (Also, I have to annotate my PDFs in another application, but the dumpster fire that is the Evernote PDF annotator is another discussion.)
  3. Also, sorry for the double post, but is there a way to turn off the Markdown shortcuts? I can now no longer type markdown into my notes because it always triggers this new feature. Sorry. I hate to be a jerk. I know the developers are trying to give the users what they want, but this markdown implementation is actually *worse* than not having it at all.
  4. I'm also pretty bummed about this markdown implementation. As an aside, markdown is getting more mainstream all the time. When Healthcare.gov had to be re-written from the ground up, they did it in markdown with a static site generator to lighten the server load. That means all the government bureaucrats had to learn to write about their healthcare policies in markdown. That's how their """CMS""" works. I would rather simply have my markdown notes in plain text that doesn't render anything and does simple things like indentation for lists and whatnot. I don't need Evernote to render Markdown; I have better tools for that. I just want it to be markdown-aware.
  5. Thanks, Jefito. I'm aware of Marxico, but it looks like kind of a dirty hack. I really want native Markdown support in Evernote.
  6. +1 for Markdown. Right now I have notes in several different apps. If I could write in Markdown in Evernote, I'd be able to get rid of most of them.
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