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  1. In another thread, someone from Evernote said they were going to fix the annoying pop-up tab for Clipper. It hasn't happened. I am running 6.06 on OS X 10.10.2. My home page is about:home. When I open Safari, I get my blank tab as intended, but another tab, the Web Clipper tab immediately opens. As many people do, I often clear out my history and cookies. So it is very annoying that the Web Clipper tab keeps opening. I am not an Evernote power user, but I do like the program and I have it installed on all my devices, even at work. Other programs installs stuff with a splash screen upon initial opening and then never again until an update. So why can't Evernote. can't the flag be set/unset in the plist file? (Total new question there) It doesn't happen on my Windows Firefox browser, even when I reset it. Please fix this!
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