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  1. I've been working with Support for 4 days. Turns out they had some issues last week (or so) and this broke. They have fixed most of it, but you need to whitelist the inbound email address/domain. I think they probably whitelisted the major web-based mail providers (yahoo.com gmail.com outlook.com etc), but if you have your own domain, then it's likely not there and you need to tell them to add it. I suggest opening up a case and asking them to whitelist your email address or domain (I'm still unsure if they can whitelist an entire domain, or just email addresses.). To get them jump started, tell them you're having the same problem as Ticket Number #3278466 (which is my Ticket ID and the guy i've been working with us really good and knows the issue and has been helpful in resolving it).
  2. (using google translate I figure you have the same problem as I do). Agreed - up until last week, it worked perfectly well for me. I suspect they have implemented some spam filtering on inbound email and my domain or my smtp relay is on their blacklist. My domain and my smtp relay is very clean and actively managed by my mail provider to have a high reputation. So I suspect EN is being overly restrictive.
  3. As of Thursday, March 11, 2021, I"m unable to send myself email to my evernote account from my primary email address. My secondary email address is working - but having my primary email address is necessary. I have been using this functionality for YEARS with no issues. I have opened a ticket with Support and they have not been able to resolve the issue. I"m not receiving any return rejected notification - it's going into a blackhole. I suspect they filtering my inbound emails as SPAM, however, EN should never reject spam - they should require the user to change their inbound email address, which is a standard function in EN.
  4. yuup -- follow the instructions up top to install the 8.x version. i suggest uninstalling the current version, side loading the apk from the link, and then turning off "auto update" in the Play Store. Evernote better fix this...
  5. +1 on this problem. EN should be able to handle this - as every modern word processing software has this functionality since 1992. Furthermore, users shouldn't have to "Print to PDF" they should be able to export to PDF from EN via all clients. Bonus points for being able to do this from mobile applications and "send pdf" to an app on the phone (like local email client, drive, messenger app, etc).
  6. I have two premium accounts and I downgraded using the apkmirror: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/ and it worked well. I am now restored to full functionality. Evernote better fix this for the mass of users who may not be able to do this manually. (sideloading apks is risky and users need to weigh the risk reward themselves. APK mirror is generallly considered "safe" but use at your own risk. For me, EV is mission critical and I needed to downgrade to be back in production and the reward outweighed the risk. YMMV.)
  7. The android app is irreparably broken and Evernote needs to immediately roll back to a previous version. Simple functionality like writing a note, snappier a picture, and reading notes DO NOT WORK ON THE LATEST VERSION OF THE ANDROID APP! Evernote, I've been a loyal, paying customer for 6 years and have put up with the minor inconveniences. This is completely different and has caused the whole use case to break down and make the product unusable. You need to take immediate action and roll back to a known working version!
  8. I'm having problems with a brand new premium account on an android (pixel 3). I created a new premium account to ensure that the issues I am facing were not due to some other problem with my EN account. Taking and attaching a photo results in a forever spinning wheel. Text notes created on the Android do not save. And overall the application is buggy. Is there any what to install a lower version?
  9. Same problem here, too. We have two android phones, both Pixel 3. One phone is completely fine, the other is getting the message "Error : Error: Invalid auth token" when attempting to search for notes. We have had this set up for YEARS with no problems. This only began happening this week. The web client and Windows client are fine. --- More information. It appears that since BOTH phones are Pixel 3, Evernote is not identifying them uniquely. When I go in to the "Devices" section from the App on both phones "Android (Android-google-Pixel-3)" is only identified ONCE and on each phone (after a fresh install and login) identify that since instance of Android as "Current Device". It appears that the latest version of the App is missing some ability to uniquely ID each device logged in.
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