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  1. Any updates on this bug? I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro running OSX El Capitan. I can use Evernote for some time, but then it starts to slow down. Checking the Activity Monitor, I noticed that Evernote can consume up to 4 gigs of RAM. Restarting the program takes the memory usage to around 170 megs. I'd suspect there's some kind of memory leak in the program related to inputting text. Sometimes writing pauses and copy paste can also cause some hangs. Actively writing also brings the CPU usage to strangely high levels.
  2. Evernote 6.2 introduced automatic creation of bullet lists with asterix (*) and space. How can I turn that behaviour off? I can't find a setting for that and I'd like to stick to my old way of using my own text bullets. The actual bullet lists in Evernote have too much indent and the system doesn't create bullets out of minus (-) signs and spaces, which I'm used to using for top level bullets. I wonder if there are ways to control that if I can't turn off the helper functionality.
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