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  1. Do you see the product supporting other scaners in future? EG Neat Connect, any AirPrint based printer that has a scaner buit in, Brother or HP devices that are not directly supported via AirPrint but via company specific apps?
  2. Product limitation on being able to have a simple and easy way to NEST / Sub folder / Visually Hierarchal Tree information is still a hugh issue with in the tool set!!!! 1) Love Evernote 2) Off and on user for 4 plus years - Forced myself to consolidated my daily use to Evernote for about 18 months. (Good days and AHHHHHH days but good ones have been enough to keep me on task as my daily tool) 3) Lack of true and simple nesting has always been a chalange (and a huge impact to effective time usage. Eg wasted enegery trying to use new options in combinations with old options to meet my orginizational needs, and wasted time just accessing / searching for information due to the lack of this) 4) OS and Device Platform support has meet the need with Sync 5) Recent quaility Improvements (past 12 Months): a) Stacks and Stack managment has been a blesing Web Clipping and Clearly have been great adds and it is always great to see these things improve and spread accros Platforms (OS, Device & Browsers) c) Intergrations with other tools / applications d) Syncrozation and options on correcting or forcing resync have been better over the last 6 months. e) Ability to intergrate other MutilMedia information types directly into a note rather than just a link has bee helpful need ability to do both Consolidate info as well as link to info. f) Sharing info - Chat - This is one of those ""Improvements to Sharing"" information that for me has been nothing less than AHHHHHHHHHHH trying to make it work for our needs. Still happy to see development in this space hower to me the simple truth is just improve the sharing options to meet the need rather than pull in another area of technology that should not be inside the tool but linked to other tools that provide that service and a better way to improve the intergtation to those or between those tools and improvments to just the existing evernote functions for sharing information. Ok enough of the background, bottom line I have read for years how the under line Evernote product concept has been built and the redirection of how to drastically change how one should orginize information and brain wave patterns as well as how the future for this space looks like potentially even more of a new land scape. The underlying fact is efficancy and ability to be effective with tons of data at our finger tiips in the extend world of the internet and how that relates to our need to have a more limited set of that information captured or tracked at our disposal in a managed structure and potentially off net access. I dont know how many times (or how many hours) I have tried to leverage Tags, Notebooks, Stacks, Links & Notes to meet my simple need for nesting or relating information together so its relation ship is not lost and is easly managed. But as I went through the delimigh again this morning I decided I should chime in to say from a concept view it is absoltely simple to see that nesting either Stacks or Notebooks is the simple solution. I dont know from a code base how difficult this would be for Evernote but to me it seems to not be a code issue but much more of a product managment and physlophy of how is the best way to orginize information!!!! So to summarize Please Please Please keep consideration for enableing the abilty to nest information more than just 3 levels in sight!!!!! For me personally if I just had about 3 more levels I would be about 40% more effictive!!!! with this kind of information.
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