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  1. Thank you Chantal; this has solved the crashing problem for me.
  2. I am pretty sure Evernote has finished indexing as it is not using up any CPU time in Activity Monitor. As mentioned by others, when I move a note from one Notebook to another, the label shows that the note has been moved, but it remains in the list of notes for the old Notebook. I have to switch to a different Notebook and then back again in order for it to disappear from the list of notes in the original Notebook. Prior to this version, notes would disappear from the list as I moved them to different Notebooks. This was very helpful when I was sorting through a large number of scans or other new notes. Is this something new that is on purpose, or is this a bug that can be fixed? I am running v 6.0.6 from the App Store. Thank you in advance for any help with my concern.
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