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  1. I don't know whether the 'saving...' message came from Evernote,  but unless you have a notebook called "First Notebook" it seems unlikely. AFAIK that's not a standard Evernote message.  Do you have any other note-taking apps on your device?  Is it possible the note will be stored there?


    To rule out Evernote completely,  please sync your phone manually,  then go to Evernote.com on a desktop computer,  and sign in to your account.  If you don't see the note online,  it was never saved to the server,  so Evernote won't have any part of it stored and available to retrieve.


    The lesson is:  when working on a long note,  consider drafting in a word-processor that supports saving on the device itself,  and save frequently.  Save / copy~paste the work to Evernote when you have finished

    I do have a notebook called First Notebook (by default). It definitely came from Evernote, as it shows up every single time I recreate it (by hitting esc). I have synced my tablet, I have signed in to Evernote.com on a dekstop computer, and it has definitely not been saved to the server. This seems weird to me. Perhaps my network connection fell out for a minute as I hit esc? 


    But the lesson is definitely learned.

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  2. Hello!


    I created a new document. I did not create a title for it. After a couple of hours making notes, I accidentally hit escape on my bluetooth keyboard. It closed the document, but said it was "saving to First Notebook". Prior to this, I did not manually save or leave the document. However, it appears to not have been saved. It is nowhere to be seen. I have looked in the trash. Nothing there. I have looked in the First Notebook. Nothing there.


    I have tried to recreate what happened several times. Every single time, the document is saved. Thus, I am clueless as to what has happened. 


    Would anyone have an idea as to what has happened, and how I could retrieve my document?


    Thank you.

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