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  1. I do have a notebook called First Notebook (by default). It definitely came from Evernote, as it shows up every single time I recreate it (by hitting esc). I have synced my tablet, I have signed in to Evernote.com on a dekstop computer, and it has definitely not been saved to the server. This seems weird to me. Perhaps my network connection fell out for a minute as I hit esc? But the lesson is definitely learned.
  2. Hello! I created a new document. I did not create a title for it. After a couple of hours making notes, I accidentally hit escape on my bluetooth keyboard. It closed the document, but said it was "saving to First Notebook". Prior to this, I did not manually save or leave the document. However, it appears to not have been saved. It is nowhere to be seen. I have looked in the trash. Nothing there. I have looked in the First Notebook. Nothing there. I have tried to recreate what happened several times. Every single time, the document is saved. Thus, I am clueless as to what has happened. Would anyone have an idea as to what has happened, and how I could retrieve my document? Thank you.
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