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  1. Hi. No I didn't rotate images. I am using evernote on multiple laptops and desktops and this problem occurs on all computers except my cellphone (android). So I doubt whether re-installation will help. I did my own trials and errors to identify cause and I think I found it. When I annotate with English language, I have no problems saving annotation, open the image later and annotate again on top of existing one. However, when I use my native language (Korean character), this problem occurs. So long as I don't use Korean languages, I am fine. For android version, there is no problem. I can annotate with whatever languages I prefer and it let me edit it, add new annotations again later. Thanks
  2. Thank you gazumped. Unfortunately, this error message occurs when I open the image with evernote/skitch to make further changes, not third party utilities. (when I place curser on the image in my evernote, it gives me pop-up menu called "annotate," which opens another window that is shown above. Skitch panel) The only way that I can make further change using skitch/evernote is that I have to delete all the annotations I previously made and add annotation all over again including additional annotations I want to make.
  3. I started to use annotate function in evernote windows quite often. I usually import JPG or PNG file into evernote and make annotations there. Whenever I try to annotate an image, that was previously annotated with evernote, it does not allow me to save changes, returning messages "sorry! The changes could not be saved to the document. Basically, when I reopen the image by clicking "annotate," new editing window allows me to resize previous objects or add new texts. However, it simply wouldn't allow me to save it. Any ideas. I tried to find the reason but I couldn't. Does this mean that I can annotate all only at once, thus, once I close it, I cannot do it anymore? Thanks
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