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  1. Got a new Mac Book Air this weekend. Transferred all the data and downloaded all the apps. First thing out of the gate after opening a saved Pages document the "Creating Zip Archive" took over.
  2. Looks like in 6.0.6 ( 451290 ) this issue has been corrected. Thanks goodness, it was driving me crazy.
  3. I uninstalled Evernote, Pages, and Numbers - still having the same issue. I believe that it stared after the latest EN update.
  4. Anytime I open a Pages or Numbers document that I have stored in EN, I get a constant pop-up "Creating Zip Archive". I have to force quit Pages or Numbers and evernote to stop the prompt. This only stated a few weeks ago, since that time I have uninstalled Page, Numbers and EN - did not correct the issue.
  5. I am getting it on pages and numbers - anyone have a fix
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