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  1. The Secret Weapon is really only a 3rd party system in that it implements GTD using Evernote and the features it provides. Having the ability to sort notes by tag may or may not be helpful outside of TSW, but I know I would appreciate the feature. I considered making an alternative request, which would be to add time contexts as a first class feature to notes, but I felt this would be a more attainable / easily implementable goal. That being said, I've worked on my fair share of software projects, so I know that simplicity of a feature does not necessarily correlate to ease of implementation. In any case, as it stands, TSW is really only at its most useful on the desktop versions of the app. One work around I have considered is prepending the names of notes with the numbers of the time contexts, however it ends up making my notebook look "crufty" and duplicates information - not to mention lacking the ability to create a saved search for specific contexts.
  2. You have the right of it. Being able to sort notes by concatenated tag order is critical for The Secret Weapon (TSW) being an effective system. TSW uses tags prepended with a number to represent how soon you need to get a task done, i.e. 1-Now, 2-Next, 3-Soon, etc. This allows you to quickly review your tasks in ascending tag order and when sorted in descending order, review your later tasks to make sure they're still in the correct order. Additionally, symbols such as '!' are used to pull the task above all, such that you can make a !-Reminder or !-Daily tags.
  3. Hey all, I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes. Thanks!
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