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  1. Hello, I've considering migrating from a Samsung Galaxy Note to an Iphone 6+. Taking handwritten notes is an essential part of my workflow. I've switched to Evernote when the handwriting feature appeared on Android and, since then, Evernote is my most important tool. Unfortunately, after much consideration and research, it appears that it is impossible for an Evernote handwriter to switch to iOS. Here are the following reason, by order of importance : 1. I've juste learned that Penultimate is not available for Iphone. All other solutions are not acceptable since they barely "export" a note to Evernote. Editing a note is something I'm doing daily. 2. It is impossible to quickly create a note. Creating a note with Penultimate requires to : launch penultimate, enter a notebook, click +, choose the paper. Then and only then you can write. Seriously, have you even think about that? I use Evernote to record my dreams. I'm in the middle of my sleep and I quickly want to write something without even thinking (that's also the part where handwriting is critical). On Android, you can have a widget that allows you to create a new handwritten note in one single touch. 3. It feels too much "outside of Evernote". In my notes, I often mix handwritting, keyboard writing and sounds. I sometimes take note with the sound recording on because I'm listening to a music related to my notes or because I'm in a place where the sound is an essential part of the experience. This makes Evernote awesome. I'm really disappointed because I thought that Evernote for Iphone was better than for Android. Sad but I thought I worths sharing my feedback with you here.
  2. According to @EvernoteHelps on Twitter, this should be considered as a feature request : https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/status/566390872938254336
  3. Hello, I'm looking at a way to quickly create a handwritten note without the hassle of launching penultimate, selecting the notebook, creating a newnote. On Android, Evernote allows you to have a widget "create a new handwritten note" which makes it available in one click. On a Galaxy Note, it can even be linked to the act of taking the stylus out. Is there a way to do the same with Penultimate and the Jot Script Evernote ?
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