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  1. Thanks for the replies and the workarounds on Mac and Windows! (I'm on a Mac) I also use Evernote on iOS and sometimes my iPhone or iPad is the perfect place to get started with a checklist from a template. So unfortunately, the desktop workaround only solves part of the issue. I'd much rather it be supported in Evernote itself as a standard feature.
  2. I have a number of template checklists for various things like packing lists. The issue I hit is forgetting to make a copy of a template before using it. Then I end up with everything in the list checked off, realize my mistake, need to copy the note, and then uncheck everything. It would be great to be set a checkbox on a note to indicate it is a template. There could be an prominent indication in the UI when you view that note that it is a template, maybe even a 'Copy Template' button, so it is obvious you are looking at a template, and it is harder to forget to copy it first. Possibly, if you tried to edit a note marked as a template, you might get an alert that said something like: "You are trying to edit a template. Would you like to make a copy or edit the template?" with buttons to make a copy or edit. A similar effect could be achieved by being able to set a note to be read-only. But making a copy of the note, the copy would be writable. That would prevent accidentally editing a template, and allow easy use of the template once it was copied.
  3. Evernote Mac is missing a number of standard commands / keyboard shortcuts found across just about every other text editor on the Mac. In this case in Edit > Find should have a ‘Use Selection For Find’ command with Command-E as its keyboard shortcut. This is a big part of my finding workflow. This command is in TextEdit, Notes, Mail, Twitter, Safari, Xcode, TextMate, TextWrangler, BBEdit, Message, etc., etc., etc. (It seems you almost need to go out of your way as a developer to get rid of it) Please add this Mac standard command to Evernote. In general, please let me edit / find / use text in Evernote the same way I do in other Mac apps.
  4. Mac apps that handle rich text usually have Copy Style / Paste Style commands. These allow you to copy just the style of selected text and then paste just the style onto selected text. For example: TextEdit, Notes, Mail. It would be great if you could add those to Evernote including their standard keyboard shortcuts: Copy Style (Command-Option-C) Paste Style (Command-Option-V) It is particularly frustrating to move from Notes, which supports those commands, to Evernote Mac, which currently does not. Thanks.
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