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  1. So what? It's probably the poor coder who needs to take notes the most. Why do I need to takes notes on things I already understand completely? I've been using Evernote for a while, but maybe I don't understand what Evernote is supposed to be used for. Some of the best programmers I know have tons of notes and snippets stored up. The reason they're good is not just experience but having that resource to hand without having to trawl the internet for possible answers or starting from scratch. I'd actually go as far to say that thinking you know everything and not making notes is counter productive in the long run and makes you less effective. It's impossible for even the brightest minds to know everything about all the technologies that you come across when coding. My code notebook is mainly used to store handy snippets or technical notes relating to techniques, code, or technologies I may not use often or just find easier to have readily available notes for. Generally I'll know roughly where to look and the notes will provide the clarity I need without wasting too much time. All I really want is basic code block formatting like you see on nearly every forum, including this one! I definitely agree with mrSomeBody. Note taking and style is what helps the user reference his own material. Notes are personal. This has nothing to do with what others think is best. It pretty much comes down to whatever works for the individual. So, if syntax highlighting and code blocks / markup is what helps the user understand his/her notes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I hope to see such implementation in the future.
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