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  1. Justin, This is what I get. But I get no reference to adding the notebook. ******* shared a notebook with you****** is using chat to share work with you. Click below to read and reply to this chat.
  2. I'm really stuck here. I'm a "free" user of Evernote and so is my work colleague. We have been successfully sharing notebooks for viewing and editing without any hassles. However, we ran into problems when we wanted to share a notebook with one of our students. After I elect to share a notebook with a student, they receive a chat message saying that I've shared a notebook, however, the shared notebook doesn't appear in the student's collection of notebooks. This is regardless is we use a Mac, Windows or Web client to login. So then, I asked another colleague who had a premium account to share a workbook with the same student. Unfortunately, the same results. I'm at my wits end trying to workout what's going wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanking you in advance.
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