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  1. I’m close to that point too. I had forgotten about this bug (certainly it’s not a feature) and recently once again struggled to login to our servers with long, 14+ digit password that was copied and pasted from Evernote. I ended up alerting our web host, we chased our tails for a few hours before I realized it was this old big biting me on the butt again. Why is Evernote injecting text/code into our notes even if and when we selectively select limited text? No clue, but it’s clear they aren’t seeing these discussions so we need to find another way to reach them for a simple fix or find a
  2. Yes, this still drives me nuts. Extra line return even when the copy contains ONLY the text wanted (not just on double-click selections). The the issue is with the copy function in EN which must override standard OS copy. If I have for example: and I highlight ONLY "this is my text" then Cmd+C, I end up with on the paste: this is my text (newline) Buggers.
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