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  1. "You may want to read up on how sync works" ​I am well aware of how sync works thank you. You may want to read the note I sent to support to clarify the issue in which I wrote: "Today I update a note on a computer. When I was done I clicked the sync button. 10-minutes later I used my iPhone to access the note, it was not there. I pushed the sync button on the phone app. It did not update the note. About 30-40 minutes later it FINALLY updated." "I've escalated your ticket in the queue." ​Are you seriously suggesting that my support request is still in queue after more than a week? This is the type of service paying members can except from Evernote? Support requests that take a week or more to even work through it's way through? Seriously?
  2. Evernote's support is about the worst in the industry and I have been using computers since the first IBM PC. More than a week ago I sent a support request for a note conflict issue. Despite two additional reminders to them I have heard absolutely nothing. As a premium member I find this treatment appalling. It us unfortunate that all too often once a company receives even a modicum of success the first thing to suffer is respect for current customers. It seems evernote is far more concerned with pushing new products and signing up new members than they are in dealing with current long time members. Very sad.
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