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  1. Hi there, it got resolved, well explained by Matt in Evernote support : "Evernote application will register the layout depending on the classification of (phone or tablet) and choose the layout accordingly" which makes sense.
  2. Thanks Gazumped, long press & swipe right does show some more options. But I don't get why the same Android version runs different on a Tablet versus a phone. In fact, on the phone, you get more options, on a smaller screen, so the wrong way round if anything, probably there's a simple & obvious answer.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering why on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I can get an Add Button that allows Handwriting, Text, Audio and etc types, but on my Tablet the button has no type options and takes you directly into a New Text Item screen. That would be really good to know why it works like that, everything's on Android so I would have expected it to be the same. Thanks Pierino
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