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  1. Thanks for the response, but it appears to me to be more of a permissions issues than a lack of software on the Android device. I am only dealing with two file types which are PDF & Excel files. When opening these types of files from a note that I originally created, they open fine. If I try to open the same type of file that was created by another Evernote user, but shared with full rights to me, I get an error message that reads "File or Folder Not Found". Quickoffice is the software that the Android device is using when displaying the file. Again, if I created the note that the files is in, the file opens just fine. However, if I did not create the note the file is in, I get the error message. Thoughts? Ideas?
  2. New to Evernote and looking for some help. I created a Notebook with five or so notes. In each note I have multiple attached files (mainly PDF and Excel). I can access those files from my the Desktop App, Web App, and Android App just fine. So all three places work just fine when I created the Notebooks/Notes. Now, I have another user that has shared the notes in her Notebook with me with full access to the data. From the Desktop App and the Web App, I can access and use her data the same as I can with the files in the Notebooks/Notes I created, however, from the Android device, I can see the notes with the attachments, but when I click on the attachmets from her notes I get an error message that reads "File or Folder Not Found". If I upload the same file to my note (the one I created), I can access it from my Android device just fine. Any idea why? Is this something that can be corrected? Please advise.
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