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  1. Hello. I'm now trying to do the same exact thing as the original OP. I followed Frank.dg and JimKn's advice (even watched the video) and when I go to import my .txt files into evernote, it does create individual notes with the correct titles, however, the content is an attached file. I would like the content to be in the note itself. I'm on a mac. Thank you!
  2. Evernote Web Clipper was working just fine last week before I went on vacation. I came back and now it doesn't work. I thought maybe I had to do some updates, which I did but it's still not working. I even tried reinstalling the web clipper. After updates, I'm now using: Yosemite v. 10.10.2 Safari 8.0.3 Web Clipper 6.2.4 Ironically, when I clicked on the clipper to get the version just now, it attempted to clip this page but it will not clip any other page I try. I've been trying to clip several blog pages on different blogs.
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