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  1. Have just updated to v5.8.3, and (so far) problem looks to have been fixed However I note that there is still no Context tab in Options for free version, so as if this was simply fixed with a code rollback... Anyway fingers crossed that we will no longer be pestered by this sort of popup. Thanks Evernote
  2. My first post here - due to this popup doing my head in ! Normally I use Evernote Mac versions at home, but have to resort to Windows version elsewhere. Like others I simply cannot understand why this has been implemented this way in Windows - particularly as there is so little space to enter text when using my windows laptop anyway. So have to agree that this looks like a deliberate (and pretty crude) ploy by Evernote to put pressure on folks to go Premium - especially with no Context tab visible in Setup in the Free version. And no, I don't want to have to resort to playing around with Windows Registry thank you. Ironically after years of being an intermittent free user, I have been starting to use EN a lot more since the New Year, and had been considering finally switching to Premium. But this sort of problem, will definitely delay my decision... particularly as Context functionality is of little interest to me. Anyway I am glad to hear that this is to be fixed (e.g. function block removed) in a future official release. But would be helpful if Evernote staff when answering here could indicate specifically what beta version this has been fixed in, as I am reading this thread a month after mention of the betas release. So am not sure whether it should be in the current official release or not. Evidently I am currently using Evernote v5.8.1.6061 and the popups appear more frequent than ever... Finally should also add (on behalf of my Windows friends) that the Windows version appears to be running way behind the Mac and Web versions - particularly in terms of UX, as well as some functionality. Come on Evernote - you can do better than this...!
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