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  1. I setup a folder called "Evernote" and it immediately transfered informtion transfered into Evernote. So I just have to put a email in there and my problem is solved.
  2. I found EVERNOTE WINDOWS DESKTOP PROGRAM, it looks like what comes up in either IP or Firefox. I also found the section refered to "import folders". I was never in the Desktop Program till now. I will set up the location to receive files now. Thanks again to all for your patience.
  3. Ok, I realized it did not come up because I was in a FireFox browser rather then IP. Thanks for the picture Csihilling, and thanks to everyone for their imput.
  4. I looked under Tools in Windows, no Import Folders but an option "add to Evernote"
  5. Also, when I tried using email to Evernote, I found it is still working. So maybe they will leave it in the basic.
  6. In windows, when I went to menu, tools (I did not see import folders next)
  7. Thanks for your input. I dont use this enough to go beyond the basic, but I did email reservations into the system. Copy pasting them from the original email would probably work too.
  8. Using the basic product, what is the easiest method for transfering information from a computer into Evernote. For example, I use to forward a reservation by email from any computer directly into Evernote (You can not use email to do this any longer)
  9. Originally, I copied five encrypted files into a email and mailed it to my evernote email address. Following the suggestions of people in response to my problem, I moved the note containing the five files to the shortcuts area by drag and drop. I then unencrypted the material which I can now read or copy. Originally, when I held the note with the five files in a single note there was a option to copy or cut, but you could not past into the computer. Thanks for all the help, the drag and drop worked just fine. Also, I have key materials saved in encrypeted form in dropbox, but I was testing how I could save critical encrypted material in Evernote for the future. This system of copying material and mailing to evernote worked very well
  10. I copied about five files into a evernote. Each file contained key encrypted information. For example, passwords I use, or account numbers etc. When I tried to copy paste the information back into my windows computer, the paste option was not high lighted. So I could not move the file back into the computer for future use. My only option is to delete the note and save the files in a system like dropbox. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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