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  1. We are using Evernote as a platform for scans of all our paper documents on Evernote Business and it is a critical software to our business. Unfortunately, performance on many of our Macs has become so sluggish that I really am considering changing platforms. We started putting 32 GB of RAM on all our machines a couple of years ago which seemed to help performance, but even that doesn't seem to work. Given some of the recently concerning news reports regarding Evernote as a company, I would think they would want to throw real resources at this performance problem before we all start jumping ship. The fact that no one from the company has chimed in here is particularly concerning.
  2. Seems to me there is a bug in the software. I can drag a notebook over an existing stack or over another standalone notebook, but it returns to where it is and nothing effectively happens. Very frustrating! Works without a hitch on my PCs.
  3. I'm transitioning most of my workload from PC to Mac and am frustrated by number of inconsistencies and certain feature loss. For one thing, I really miss having the ability to set up a watched folder. I used to be able to print to a PDF file, save it to the folder that Evernote would watch, it would go into my default Evernote notebook. More frustrating is my inability to pull notebooks into existing stacks or, it seems, to create a new stack by dragging one notebook over another. Am I missing something? Can't believe that this wouldn't work on Mac version.
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