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  1. Dear Evernote iOS development team,


    Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version!


    I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh :(   and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~


    I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please?


    My setup:

    Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home

    iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.

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