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  1. As paying subscriber, I have an issue with the upgrade button constantly appearing every time I sync. It is marketing spam, Get rid of that button, People downgraded from Premium to plus for a reason AND we won't be upgrading, I am really annoyed with Evernote lately, the ios Upgrade was a disaster coupled with price increases do not justify the functionality. Sort it out.
  2. Is there are way to get rid of the Work chat button and promote email back to as a core option in the Mac and IOS version. ? No Disrespect but it seems to me that the feature is a hack to get more users signed up. Why not enable EN loyal users the option to edit the UI to get rid so we can it (Not just in the Toolbar but within note and in the IOS version). At least it would appease annoyed user such as myself the option to hid this redundant feature.
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