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  1. Sorry, I thought i posted a response to this yesterday. Anyways, I tried to mimic the problem with a more generalized URL that is easily accessible. However, the issue is from the site called Duolingo, a site to learn new languages. I right click and "save full page to evernote" and then thats where the gray border occurs.
  2. I am using Yosemite on my Mac version 10.10.2 via Safari Web Browser. Perhaps, it only pertains to the Safari clips?
  3. Hello, I wasn't able to search this issue but I may have searched the wrong terminologies. Anyways, I use the evernote clipper and theres always these gray borders around it. In the first example, there is a segment on the right side of the image with the gray border. It doesn't look clean with it to me (sorry, slight perfectionist) >_<. Then on the second image, its at the bottom of the text. How am I able to remove this grey border? Thanks!
  4. I've been perusing this topic and from what I understand, Developers of Evernote are not listening to they're subscribers and there has been a breach of privacy numerous times in the past and we are looking for alternatives for Evernote for a power user? Is that the right statement? I've been contemplating to subscribe to Evernote but it lacks certain features I like and am considering other alternatives for the Mac.
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