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  1. Sorry, I thought i posted a response to this yesterday. Anyways, I tried to mimic the problem with a more generalized URL that is easily accessible. However, the issue is from the site called Duolingo, a site to learn new languages. I right click and "save full page to evernote" and then thats where the gray border occurs.
  2. I am using Yosemite on my Mac version 10.10.2 via Safari Web Browser. Perhaps, it only pertains to the Safari clips?
  3. Hello, I wasn't able to search this issue but I may have searched the wrong terminologies. Anyways, I use the evernote clipper and theres always these gray borders around it. In the first example, there is a segment on the right side of the image with the gray border. It doesn't look clean with it to me (sorry, slight perfectionist) >_<. Then on the second image, its at the bottom of the text. How am I able to remove this grey border? Thanks!
  4. I am fairly new to Evernote and am considering to get a yearly subscription to the service. Does anyone know where to find historical updates to Evernote since the beginning of Evernote? I would like to see how often they make large changes to the program. It just seems to be simple things like multiple color highlighters has been a request for years and has not been implemented. I want to know what this company's goals are for 2015 but couldn't find any information.
  5. I've been perusing this topic and from what I understand, Developers of Evernote are not listening to they're subscribers and there has been a breach of privacy numerous times in the past and we are looking for alternatives for Evernote for a power user? Is that the right statement? I've been contemplating to subscribe to Evernote but it lacks certain features I like and am considering other alternatives for the Mac.
  6. As a Mac user, I feel evernote is best for me and I don't feel like there is much competition out there in the Mac Perspective. OneNote is 2nd to Evernote for my needs. I wanted to like OneNote so bad but the Mac features compared to Windows is so limited. Like many have said already in this forum, OneNote is deep in terms of editing tools where as Evernote, its nice to have a digital file cabinet and Web Clipping but I can't use multiple colors of highlighting for study purposes and stacks are one level deeps.
  7. Understood, thanks for the search function advice.
  8. Firstly, is there a search function in this forum? I am new to the forums and have been trying to do some research on this topic before posting anything. Anyways, does the EN mac version have a way to change color for highlighters? All I have is yellow. I also do dislike how the highlighting works. For example, I have to highlight the text and then press the highlighter box. I wish I was able to press highlight function and then highlight on any text. Thank you
  9. "Stacks are one level deep." That means only two notebooks can be stacked together and nothing deeper? That is a bit unfortunate. Thank you for the reply Edit: Forgot what I said. I understand now. Though, I do wish we were able to stack deeper.
  10. Hello everybody, I recently go back into this application after 4 years and its amusing to see what I posted before. Anyways, I am trying to figure out how to use this app properly and I want to try to put a notebook within a notebook. For example, I have 2 notebooks called "Foreign Language" and "Personal." I would like to put the Foreign Language notebook inside my "Personal" Notebook. "Foreign Language" has "French" and "Spanish" notebooks inside. "Personal" has a "Cooking" notebook. Is there a method to put "Foreign Language" inside "Personal"? Thanks!
  11. I think this is a great deal. However, I can't seem to convince myself to use Wunderlist over Todoist as I feel Todoist is a better To do app. Pocket Premium doesn't sound too appealing to me. Then I wouldn't even use LastPassword as I have iCloud keychain. Decisions Decisions...
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