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  1. Thanks for your thorough information, Dave. What an ironic confluence of events. Thanks also for your tip on Little Snitch and web clippings.
  2. Hi--I was using Witopia. I'll submit a question to them as well, come to think of it. Thanks.
  3. FYI: No word yet. I submitted the bug report as you suggested, JMichael. Will update when I hear back.
  4. No, I'm in the US, and I don't have my machine set up with Simplified Chinese.
  5. Hi mcheng, I was logging in after I opened the app for the first time today (I don't stay logged in, have just started using Evernote). I was using a US-based VPN service when I got the connection request; I didn't get that request when I was not using the VPN.
  6. Thanks, gazumped and JMichael. I'm submitting a bug report. I was using the Desktop version for Mac (latest); I've also been using it on my iPad, which I'll hold off using until I get more information. I'm in the US and there's no personal or business reason that I should have interaction with the Chinese server.
  7. I use Little Snitch and was using a VPN service when I opened Evernote--Little Snitch signaled that Evernote was requesting connection to the Chinese Evernote server, yinxiang.com. When I declined the connection, Evernote wouldn't connect. When I disconnected from the VPN, I got no connection request to yinxian.com. I'm in the US and am uncomfortable with data being on the Chinese server. Why? Is this a problem on the VPN side or Evernote's?
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