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  1. Hey CalS-Super-G: thanks for the numbers and the encouraging perspective on EN's amazing capacity. I thought I was radically stuffing EN with just 2,164 notes, but...gosh... I've got a big blue sky yet to fill. I agree with a recent blog that said the more you use EN, the more you love it. I, too, am ridding my life of paper. It's addicting.
  2. Hey gazumped, thanks for the reply. iMac OS High Sierra. "Client?" -- no clue.
  3. Here's a real neophyte question: how do you discover how many notes are in your account?
  4. This topic-thread may be old news by now and I'm just stumbling into the forum thinking the issue is still fresh! I've been re-discovering Evernote now that I have an iPad, which I adore. The only restriction is that there's no way to change font size on the iPad. I asked Evenote Support about this and they admitted that there is, in fact, no way to change font sizes with mobile devices. Well... I believe I found a way around this problem. I went to a website, in this case Foxnews.com, and copied some larger type from headlines. I pasted it into a new note and -- wallah! -- LARGE TYPE IN MY NOTE! So now I have a single note entitled "Big Text." This note serves as an ongoing 'large text farm' from which I can harvest and paste bigger text into future notes as needed. --------------- OOPS!! Now hear this: I just discovered the reason YOU SHOULDN'T DO WHAT I DID ABOVE... Evernote will NOT SYNC with the above trick in place! I had to totally remove my BIG TEXT note from my iPad and my iMac, first by sending it too the TRASH and then EMPTYING THE TRASH! Evernote will not allow the above trick. I tried!
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