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  1. Hi everyone Let me give you a quick picture of who I am. I am a software developer who gets weird ideas when doing the dishes or at 2am. I then find a scrap of paper, send myself an email, or my favourite, look it up in a browser and save the tab, until I have 100+ tabs open and the browser crashes. So, that's why I came to Evernote. Hoping for salvation from my wicked way! But I'm guessing I'm not using Evernote to it's potential and I'm doing things all the wrong way. I am really trying to adjust my ways to always use Evernote instead of post-it's and to rely on Evernote. But also to conform to the Evernote way of working. After all it seems to work for so many people, and I'm not that unique or special! 1. I have lots of notes, and lots of notebooks. However, I find myself wishing that Evernote allowed more than 2-level-deep stacks. One reason for this is I have a "Project Book", in here I create a notebook for my ideas and things I want to work on. Under the top level category of ProjectBook it would be nice to have various categories : maybe "Electronic Projects", "Web Projects", or "Ongoing Projects", "Future Projects" etc. Then under those categories, the actual projects themselves. Under which are the notes. So as I work on a project, I can make a note about what I did - like a diary. Then at a later date I can collect those notes together and put a blog post together of project progress. It would also be really awesome to have a project fit under multiple categories - so, it can be "Ongoing" as well as "Web Project". But it seems that Evernote doesn't work this way, about the only way I can think of achieving something like this is to use tags, but that can make for really messy notebooks. 2. How would you link to another note? For example, I might make a note for myself on how to configure a certain op-amp in my desired configuration. Now, I am going to use that same Op-Amp circuit in many projects, and so, when I add that to the project, it would be good to link the original note in, something like "Added Op-Amp as per <link>". Again in a nice, neat way, so my notes don't become giant copies (also, if I update the original it might be good to have the updated version available {though also, sometimes perhaps not!}) 3. This is my big question! I am in a state where I'm not happy with my Evernote layout of notes and notebooks, and I want to clean it up with the above questions in mind, and after my learnings from the last few months. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to achieve this? I am still using the free account, should I open a new one and move notes into better structures, or something else? has anyone tried a process like this and have some tips for me? cheers!
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