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  1. You would do well to do your homework and look at Evernote's privacy and security policies. Google is your friend. The fact that you think Google is my friend is pretty funny. You act as if i'm the only person who has questioned this useless, intrustive, ad-like so-called "feature" in Evernote. I'm not. I did read that Evernote said they would not share personal information, but i'd be foolish to do that on its face. Sometimes superusers have insight that's worth listening to and are adept at predicting future outcomes instead of toeing the party line. I just wish that Evernote would spend more time serving existing customers than developing worthless items like Context.
  2. But does this truly turn this off? I mean, will Evernote continue scanning my personal notes and linking them to public content services? If so, i'll downgrade to free. The context features is absolutely useless to me.
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